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21/06/21  Susie Gear [UK]. "Thanks for your great website."
08/03/21  Kelly Tovey [UK]. "So interesting to read your website. Thank you."
18/06/19  Tovey Melody. "Didn't expect to find a website filled with the history of the Tovey family and so many Toveys!!"
10/03/19  Marissa Campbell. "Thanks for having this website."
13/02/18  Geoff Tovey. [UK] "Keep up the great work ... the web site is a wonderful resource."
05/08/17  Harold Dwain Tovey. [Georgia, USA] "I found your site many years ago. It is quite amazing ... Thank you for your dedication."
07/08/16  Wayne Tovey. [New Zealand] "Love this site."
30/05/16  Helen Painter (n? Tovey). [Australia] "I think your site is marvellous and sing its praises whenever I can."
30/04/13  Lucijane Burgess. "You've a very nice website."
19/01/12  Ben Tovey. [Harwich, UK] "I think your web site is great."
07/07/11  Raymond Toves. "This is really fascinating stuff. You have a very interesting web-site."
16/01/11 Paul Renouf. [Dornoch, UK] "Looking at your site just a few minutes ago, I was amazed at the information you had collected."
12/11/10  Rob Tovey. [Glastonbury, UK]. "Just tasted 'Tovey cheese' produced by Thornby Moor Dairy - absolutely delicious."
08/07/10  Richard Tovey. [Brisbane, Australia]. "Just found your site, love it."
30/06/10  James J Tovey. [Mississauga, Canada]. "Except for family I have not met any other Toveys out there. It's good to know I'm not alone."
06/01/10  Michelle Tovey. [Bristol, UK]. "Fab site."
07/10/09 John Tovey. [Nottinghamshire, UK]. "Great site, just thought I'd say hello."
31/08/09  John Hardy. [UK]. "Many thanks for taking the trouble to put your website up."
28/08/09  Phil Tovey. [Australia]. "Wow, this site is a surprise."
21/07/09  Karen Kraft Sloan. [Canada]. "You must know that your website has created such wonderful connections for people separated by oceans and decades and generations."
22/05/09  Maria Tovey. [Dorset, UK]. "Fab web site."
20/05/09  Janet Tovey. [Middlesex, UK]. "Hi, great web site. There are still a lot of us around here."
23/03/09  Sharmon Priaulx. [USA]. "A friend forwarded your website to me, I think it is fascinating"
05/02/09  Michael and Dianne Tovey. [Christchurch, New Zealand]. "... found all your info fascinating"
17/11/08  David Tovey. [Wellington, New Zealand]. "I appreciate the work you have done."
24/10/08 Luanne Tovey Zuccari. [UK]. "I can't believe I found this site."
25/08/08 Maureen Barton-White. [UK]. "Hello All You Toveys.......How delighted I am to find this site."
26/02/08 John Tovey. [Florida, USA]. "I have just found your web site, I think it is marvelous."
01/02/08 Pat Fitzgerald. [Co. Kilkenny]. "Again thank you for your fantastic efforts and well done."
11/01/08 Alexandra Stafford. [California, USA] "The research on your web site about the name is very interesting."
27/12/07 Jonathan Tovey. "Hi, great site!"
26/12/07 John Merlin Tovey Jr. [Michigan Center, Michigan, USA] "I am proud of the Tovey name and the heritage that is mine."
17/11/07 Mary Kate Mitchell. "My brother's name was Tovey. This is so cool!"
10/11/07 Chris Tovey. [Aliso, California, USA]. "I was hoping for some assistance with attaining a high resolution image of the Tovey Family Crest. I would like to reproduce it in some family projects we're working on. If anyone can e-mail a photo of the crest I would be happy to reply with the artwork reproductions that we'll create for all to use. Thank you."
02/11/07 Deanna Tovey. [Lincoln, UK]. "Hiya I'm a Tovey living in Lincoln, Lincolnshire."
09/10/07 Anja Tovey. [Berlin, Germany]. "My Dad is David Tovey (originally from Merthyr Vale); his Brother is Stephen Tovey and his Father is David Robert (Bob) Tovey. It would be nice to hear from somebody who knows our family.
06/10/07 Craig Tovey. [Paradise, California, USA]. "My father is Dennis Tovey, son of Keith Tovey. We are from the Daniel Tovey (b.1838) line from Llanhiddel, Monmouthshire, Wales (Mentioned by Brad Tovey SLC, UT. on 17/08/04). Anyone with information about this line please contact me". (
01/10/07 Michael Tovee. [Minneapolis, USA]. "Dear Toveys! I found you information quite by accident and I found it so interesting.">
20/08/07 David Tovey. [Birmingham, UK]. "I have just taken a look at your Tovey site and have been impressed with its content."
05/08/07 Phil Tovey. [Cheltenham, UK]. "Great site: just thought I'd say 'Hi'."
29/07/07 Christy Evans, née Tovey. "Thanks [for the site] and long may the Tovey name reign".
27/06/07 Chris Wall. [Sussex, UK]. "Enjoyed your Sariska travelogue, as we also went on the same trip in 2004."
31/05/07 Darrick D. Tovey. [Columbus, GA, USA]. "I just wanted to say 'Hi', and that I enjoyed your site."
16/05/07 Krista Tovey. [Canada]. "I was surfing around and came across your website. I found it very interesting and informative. Thanks!"
25/04/07 Michael Trott. [UK]. "I congratulate you on your service and thank you for your assistance. Long live the Toveys!"
25/04/07 Lester Tovey. [USA]. "I found your website very interesting and wanted to thank you for the enjoyable read!"
28/03/07 Richard Tovey. [Coquille, OR, USA]. "Fantastic to find so many other Tuh-vees out there."
19/03/07 Dan Tovey. [Nottingham, UK]. "Hi to all the Toveys around the world, amazing to see so many of us out there! God Bless!"
18/03/07 Keith Tovey. [Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada]. "Wow, there are a lot of Toveys :-)"
14/03/07 Steven Tovey. [Liverpool, UK]. "Hey guys. Another bunch of Toveys from Enfield (and later Kent) before moving to North Wales."
27/02/07 Stuart-Lee Tovey. [Stoke, Staffordshire]. "I was interested in finding out more about my name; I tried various family tree sites but they wanted money and were of no use anyway. I typed Tovey into Google and then found that there was actually a whole website dedicated to the name."
22/02/07 Darren Tovey. [Barnsley, Yorkshire]. "I couldn't believe my eyes when I typed in Tovey. Now I realise how many of us there are!"
07/02/07 Jenny Willmott. [Perth, Australia]. "Your article about the origins and the pronunciation of the name is most interesting."
11/01/07 Alison Tovey. [Victoria, Australia]. "Thanks for your interesting website."
28/11/06 Robert Tovey Johnson. [California?, USA]. "Thank you for the wonderful website."
15/11/06 Dominic Tovey. [Brighton, East Sussex]. "Just wanted to say well done for flying the Tovey flag!"<
19/10/06 Gene Tovey. [Indiana, USA]. "Our family has been in Indiana and SW Ohio since about 1865. We are always interested in learning more about the Tovey name."
15/10/06 Lisa Tovey. [Michigan, USA]. "Thank you so much for the Tovey website!"
16/08/06 Simon Tovey. [Cwmbran, South Wales]. "I would like to hear from any Toveys from around my area (or elsewhere). Brilliant site by the way!" (
13/08/06 Dean Tovey. [Columbus, Georgia]. "My family lives in Columbus, Georgia and have been here for several generations. This is a great site."

Paul Tovey. [South Wales]. "On a holiday day trip to Gibraltar we saw a residence named 'Tovey Cottage' does anyone know how this has come about?"

Christine Cross. "I contacted a government department in Gibraltar and they kindly made enquiries. The best suggestion, although no one was sure, is that the property was named after a Major Tovey who was in Gibraltar."

04/08/06 Tovey Jenson. "My first name is Tovey. It made me smile to see a website with my name all over it."
23/06/06 Christina Middleton. "My father was named Ivan Edgar Tovey, his mother was Minnie Tovey and his Father was Rex. They lived for a time in Surbiton. I would love to know if anyone knew them."
08/06/06 Seth Tovey. "While I am likely unrelated to any of the other Toveys mentioned on your site (my family is Israeli), I do share the name."
10/05/06 Tovey Dixon. [Baltimore, Maryland, USA]. "I am interested in learning all about my name, but found it to be very unusual that my first name (Tovey) is a very common last name."
13/04/06 David George Tovey. [Mansfield, Ohio, USA]. "Wonderful to find your site quite by accident! I'm grateful to you both for your work!"
03/04/06 Caroline Tovey. [Llanbradach, UK]. "I'm extremely interested in tracing my family tree but, unfortunately, I have never been able to get further than my grandparents!"
27/03/06 Peter Tovey. "I enjoyed looking at your Tovey site. Our family was living in North East Somerset in the first half of the 20th century".
02/03/06 Dawn Llewhellin, née Tovey. "I just stumbled across the site, and thought I would say 'HI'. I was a Tovey until I married in 1988; we have always pronouced the name Tuh-vee".
09/02/06 Tovey Mead. "I am a Tovey, it is my first name, so it's nice to be different".
Our second Tovey first name!
01/02/06 Vickie Tovey Hubbard [Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA]. "I am happy that I found your site and am anxious to learn more about the Toveys".
01/02/06 Ian Tovey [Kenilworth, UK]. "Excellent website, thanks".
30/12/05 Alan Tovey [East Grinstead, UK]. "Hello Toveys and Happy New Year to all. I look forward to hearing from Toveys worldwide.".
18/12/05 Sara Tovey [Australia]. "Happy Christmas to all Toveys, whatever part of the world you are in. Hope it is good, peaceful, happy and satisfying for you all. Maybe some of us will actually meet in 2006!".
22/11/05 Erik J Tovey [Sacramento, California, USA]. "I am very happy to find this site".
21/11/05 Carol Kildoyle [Rochester, USA]. "I just came upon your website - thanks so much for the information".
16/11/05 John Gilliam [Germany]. "I was very interested to find your website. My mother Janet (née Tovey), was Jack Tovey's niece".
15/11/05 Paul Tovey [London, UK]. "I really enjoyed visiting this site".
02/11/05 Paul Tovey [Victoria, BC., Canada]. "I was looking at your web page and found it interesting".
27/09/05 Anne Kennedy [USA]. "Thank you for your site; very informative".
24/08/05 Maureen [UK]. "I am looking for any information about Louisa Ann Tovey (daughter of William and Elizabeth Tovey) born Feb. 9th 1826 in Rotherhithe, London.".
23/08/05 Lew McGann [Orlando, USA]. "I enjoyed your web site!! My grandfather was Albert Edgar Tovey who was born in Bromsgrove, England c. 1889 and died in South Bend, Indiana in 1970".
22/08/05 Ruth Hanby [Cheltenham, UK]. "My son Jakob Tovey is 7 months old - so a relatively new Tovey - but a proud one none the less!".
22/08/05 Kristian Tovey [Gloucestershire, UK]. "Great website! I have a large family of Toveys based in this [Cheltenham] area".
10/08/05 David Tovey [Sheffield, UK]. "I came across the site by accident, What a find, it's fantastic. Keep up the good work".
07/08/05 Mark Tovey [Abergavenny, Monmouthshire]. "Great site".
04/08/05 Roy Tovey [Staffordshire]. "My parents and grandparents come from Birmingham. In the early 1960s every Tovey in the city phone book was related to us".
22/07/05 Katherine Hart [Auckland, New Zealand]. "We're looking for any information on Eliza Tovey born c1861 in London. She came to NZ aboard the Bebington in Jul 1876 aged just 16 years".
20/07/05 Jean and Louis R Tovey [Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, USA]. "We loved exploring your website. The information was enjoyable! We learned a lot about our family name. Thanks for your excellent research!"
10/07/05 David and Judy Tovey [Ohio, USA]. "We love the website. Does anyone have information about my father, Terrence Tovey formally of Bristol, England and his father, Mervin also from Bristol."
08/07/05 Erla Angell [Queensland, Australia]. "I am trying to help a friend who is looking for connections to a Walter H Tovey (from Inglesham Wiltshire, living in London at the time of the 1881 Census)." (
04/07/05 Peter Tovey [Leicestershire]. "Originally from Bishop Sutton, I would love to hear from any other Toveys."
23/06/05 Dinah Rigg, née Tovey [Canberra, Australia]. "Originally from Birmingham, England. My father, Raymond Tovey was the son of Stanley Tovey. I would love to find relatives that I didn't know existed."
11/06/05 Sharon Hoff [Washington State?]. "We are trying to find the origin of a beautiful Pewter Tankard with a very detailed etching signed by what appears to be E. G. (or C. G.) Tovey."
08/06/05 Sara Tovey [Australia]. "I'm been looking for information about my father, Hubert Bernard Tovey, and his father, Louis Tovey, both of whom were born in Maidstone in Kent, UK."
04/06/05 Karen Kraft Sloan [Canada]. "I am looking for information regarding a man by the name of James Tovey. He would have visited or lived in/near the Kitchener - Waterloo area, Ontario, Canada in the early 1930's."
07/04/05 Pat Fitzgerald [Co. Kilkenny]. "Following our recent request for information, we have found some family documents which now show that Richard Tovey actually went to Victoria, Australia in the mid-1800s. A letter from Honora Tovey shows that they owned a hotel in Bendigo, which they sold in 1898."
If anyone has any relevant information, let us know and we'll pass the information to Pat.
31/03/05 Dave Tovey [Coquille Indian Tribe, North Bend, Oregon, USA]. "Thank you for your fine work and web-site. You've given us further reason to be fiercely proud of our family."
23/03/05 Jill & Dave Johnson [Fellow Sariska travellers]. "We are writing to say how impressed we are with your website"
14/03/05 Sue Bryant [Vancouver, Canada]. "I am looking for connections to (and between) coal-mining Toveys of Bristol, England. My great grandmother was Emily Tovey (b. 1859 Bedminster), her father was Joseph Tovey (b. 1833) and his father was John Tovey. Emily had a brother (Frederick, b. 1870) and two sisters (Alice, b. 1863 and Sarah Ann, b. 1861)."
04/03/05 Mark Jacobson [California, USA]. "My Mother's Mother was born Jeanne Tovey. Thanks for spending your time to maintain this lovely website. It's a great idea." (
28/02/05 Syrard, née Tovey [Canada]. "Our family emigrated from England in 1980. My Father was a submariner, and we are looking for a family connection with another submariner, Keith Tovey [East Canada], whose family is originally from Birmingham, England."
21/02/05 Pat Fitzgerald [Co. Kilkenny]. "Brothers and sisters of great-grandfather, James Tovey, went to New Zealand. Do you have any information about Toveys of Dunedin?"
15/02/05 Peter Tovey [Bairnsdale, Australia]. "Is the name Cartmell linked to the Tovey name?"
21/01/05 Rebecca Tovey [Nelson, Mid-Glamorgan]. "I have recently started to look up my family name. My father was Stephen Edgar Tovey and his father was Bob Tovey, both from Merthyr Tydfil. I would be grateful for any information on Toveys from South Wales"
13/01/05 John Mark Tovey [Great Malvern]. "It is great to see a well maintained site bringing Toveys together from around the world ? keep up the good work!"
10/01/05 Simon Tovey [Bristol]. "I think your site is awesome!"
29/10/04 Jane Noyes. "Do you have any information on a JOHN TOVEY born in Deerhurst Gloucestershire in about 1831. He married a HARRIET LLOYD and had various children - one called SAMUEL JOHN, who married an ancestor of mine called Emily PHELPS from Newent Gloucestershire."
21/10/04 Nicola Tovey [Bristol]. "I've just started researching my family tree and I know that my great-grandfather, Edward Tovey, was born in 1899 (possibly in kent). His father was John Walker Tovey; I think this generation moved from Bristol to London. His father was Edwin Tovey and his father Philip Tovey married Elizabeth around 1822. If anyone has any more information that would be great."
06/09/04 Andrew Tovey [Cwmbran, South Wales]. "It's good to see that some of the Tovey clan have an eye for a well designed and maintained website."
17/08/04 Brad Tovey [Salt Lake City, USA]. "The family history we're looking to complete stems from the following:
  Daniel Tovey - Born 1838 in Llanhiddel (Llanhilleth) - Monmouthshire - Wales. He left for the US in about 1850.
  Daniel's father was George Tovey - Born 1795 - Gloucestershire - England.
  His father was William Tovey - Born 1777 - Winchcombe - England."
06/08/04 Carl Tovey. "I just came across your great site. I have managed to trace my relatives back to 1835, when my great-grandfather, David Tovey Vippond, married Mary Ann Withers in Clains, Worcester"
27/07/04 Peter Dawson. "My father, Chief Yeoman of Signals W.B. Dawson D.S.M, was Chief Yeoman of the Rodney in the 30's when "Jack" was her Captain. Dad served in the Navy a long time including both wars; he always referred and spoke of him as the best Captain and finest person he ever knew. Dad wrote several times over the years to his former captain and always received a friendly response."
20/05/04 Janis Allen. "I am trying to trace my family tree and could do with a bit of help. My name is Janis Allen (nee TOVEY) and have got as far back as John Tovey who married Mary Ann Glasscock in 1879. I believe John was born in Norton St Philip (Somerset) between 1850 and 1854. Any help would be gratefully received."
03/05/06 - Therese Caudell of Norton-St-Philip has passed additional information on to Janis.
20/05/04 Deborah Beeston. "My Great-Grandmother was Emma Tovey (born c. 1847) from East/West Harptree, Somerset. She married my Great-Grandfather, Arthur Edgar Kaile, in 1867. Does anyone have any information about her or her family?"
28/04/04 Ken Tovey [Hampshire], (known as "The Admiral" when working in Australia in the late 1960s). "I would like to know if any of my Canadian cousins look at this site. Their father was Perce Tovey who went to Canada in early 1900s and met his future wife on the boat, and they had 10 kids."
26/04/04 Maureen Broad. "I have a cross stitch sampler done by Mary Tovey dated 26th February 1849. It is titled 'The Family Register of Edward and Mary Tovey' and lists the birth dates of all their children:

Charles Tovey born March 6 1824
Thomas Tovey born December 8 1825
Ann Tovey born January 14 1828
Emma Tovey born December 26 1829
William Tovey born August 21 1831
Catherine Tovey born June 12 1834
Thomas Tovey born January 19 1836
Mary Tovey born March 18 1838
Edward Tovey born May 1 1841

The sampler is soon to be offered for sale but I thought the information might be useful for any of the Tovey family tracing their family history. The sampler came from an Auction in Bletchingly, Surrey. It was probably part of an house clearance, so might be from that area"

26/07/03 Teresa Bradley (née Tovey) [USA], "I just found your web site and loved seeing the name held by many. My father, Jack Charles Tovey, was born in 1923 in Portland, Oregan, USA. His parents were Minnie Bray and Floyd Arthur Tovey. Floyd died in 1929 and Minnie in 1951. Any information from anyone would be wonderful."
18/07/03 Kylie Tuvey [Australia], "My father was born and bred in Fulham, London. I am trying to find any info on my surname, Tuvey"
30/06/03 Simon Tovey [South Wales], "I would be interested to hear from any Toveys in the USA; I believe my grandad was from around the Bristol area. Fantastic site by the way" (
14/06/03 Ray Tovey [Cornwall], "If any of you visit St Mary's, Isle of Scilly, you will see on the gate to the garrison fort an inscription to Tovey"
This inscription relates to Abraham Tovey.
10/05/03 Karen Tovey [Nevada, USA], "Good to know there are many other Toveys out there"
04/05/03 Tovey Elizabeth [Ottawa, Canada], "Very much enjoy going to your site, as all my life I have been the only one I know with the name. Any more out there with Tovey as their first name?"
26/04/03 Robert Watton [Langton Matravers], "Thank you for your interesting site about Jack Tovey"
See "Lord Tovey of Langton Matravers" page for Robert's comments - Martyn.
13/04/03 Dwight Tovey [Boise, Idaho, USA], "I enjoyed finding your site and the Tovey info that you have collected"
13/04/03 Simon Tovey [Cwmbran, South Wales], "Keep up the good work"
05/04/03 Anne Kennedy [Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA (via Wales)], "...the Tovey name is everywhere. Keep up the good work on your site"
05/04/03 Kay Thomas [Pennsylvania, USA], "Thank you so very much for the wonderful web site."
05/03/03 Neil Tovey [Kidwelly, South Wales], "Thanks for the info on Toveys."
20/02/03 Charlotte Cook (née Tovey) [West Midlands], "Congrats on a fab website. It's nice to know there are so many of us from all corners of the globe."
14/01/03 Robert Tovey [Cardiff, South Wales], "My Grandad, Bob Tovey, was the Mayor of Merthyr."
11/11/02 Ted Brock [Canada], "The name Tovey will always have a special place in my heart and head. Best wishes to all Toveys."
10/11/02 Jonathon Tovey, aged 13 [Clearwater, Florida, USA], "my great grandfather was Harry Tovey"
09/11/02 Helen Pearmain (née Tovey) [UK], great, great niece of Donald Francis Tovey
28/10/02 Phil Tovey [Kentucky, USA], "I am very pleased to see that there are Toveys that feel similarly proud about their name."
05/05/02 Nigel Tovey [Singapore], "I never knew the Tovey surname was so widespread until I found this website by a stroke of luck."
28/04/02 Alex Tovey [London], "I enjoyed your site but I would like to know a little more about the origins of the Tovey clan in England."
19/04/02 Larry Tovey [California, USA], "Tovey side of my family is from Idaho and in turn from Wales I believe"
20/03/02 Jan Roberts (née Tovey) [Blackborough], "Thanks for opening your web site for folks like me!"
11/02/02 Derek Tovey [Lincoln], "Couldn't believe there'd be a site about our surname"
17/01/02 Loretta Bird (née Tovey) [Crowthorne], "Ebeneezer Tovey ... was a rather disreptuble character who used to flog his sailors with a shark's backbone!"
15/12/01 Andrew Lee Tovey, Susan, Andrew and Jonathan
27/11/01 David Tovey [Somerset], "thanks for the effort you have put into your site"
21/11/01 Scott Tovey, "the family crede is said to have been indeo confideo"
20/10/01 Dave Tovey [Salisbury], "Great site"
30/08/01 Andrew Tovey [Dereham], "I am pleased to have at long last found a site that is dedicated to Toveys"
18/06/01 Paul Tovey [Dundee], married to Gillian (nee Dickson); son Scott ; daughter Karyn
14/06/01 Rebecca Tovey [London]
10/06/01 Kelley Tovey [Atlanta, Georgia, USA], "The Tovey name is very rare here"
17/04/01 Karen Tovey [Cardiff], originally from Llanelli in South Wales

Take care, and best wishes!

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