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Tovey Noticeboard

Since we started this website in May 2000, we have received many enquiries from people searching for Toveys, or searching for family history relating to the Tovey name. We have set-up this notice-board as a place where such requests can be posted, in the hope that someone will be able to assist these people in their quest. If you have any information that could help anyone on the board, please get in touch with us by clicking the "I Can Help" link above their enquiry. We will pass on any information received, and any successes will be noted here. If you have a request that you want displayed on this board, please contact

Good luck to everyone looking for old friends or researching their family history!

3rd January 2024

Terry Beecham

Does anyone know a Martin or Martyn Tovey from Stanton Drew who worked at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in 1969?


5th December 2023

Shannon Parker

I am trying to find a contact for my grandmother (Jennifer O'Dowd), who was a very close friend to Michael Tovey. They lived in Winchcombe together and she’d love to find out how he’s doing. She knows he’s in France and was a professor.


30th November 2023

Tim Jones

Hello, I'm looking back into my Mum's name (sadly taken by Covid) - Kathleen Dorothy Tovey. Links to Frampton Cottrell and Coalpit Heath. I am on ancestry but perhaps this group is better. Love the coat of arms.


26th October 2023

Graham Sunman

I’m trying to find Nigel Tovey who was a navigator on HMS Sheffield in the 1982 Falklands war. He was injured, but survived. Over the years I've lost contact with him, can you help? Many thanks.


24th April 2023

Henny Pearmain

I am looking to trace any descendants of Symons Sympson Tovey (1846, Bristol, England - 1910). He married Emma or Emily Logan in 1883, living in Sydney, Australia as a church minister for many years. I believe he had two children, Gertrude and Arthur.


23rd November 2022

Michael Tovey

Three generations of Tovey moved from Rodborough, Gloucestershire to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in about 1850. Common Christian names James, William and Mary. The family probably goes back to the Winchcombe area. Happy to help anyone who thinks they might be related.


19th October 2022

Nigel Wright

Derek Percy Beckett Tovey (see the notice from Pat Heron in 2006) was my uncle. I remember my mother mentioning several times that one of her relatives on the Beckett side had been a suffragette, and I'd love to have some more information if possible.


24th April 2022

Meaghan Peter

I am looking for my father's family, Richard Neil Tovey born in Newport Wales 1946. He had a younger brother, whom he has long since lost contact with, a Roger Tovey. Their mother's name was Gladys Rogers and father was Brian Tovey. This is all I know, but I would love to find if my uncle is still alive. They grew up in the Cardiff area of Wales.


1st February 2022


I am searching for Hariette Tovey who I met in 1963 in Oxford (UK). As far as I know she came from Wales.


24th November 2021

Nicola Tovey

To Nicola from Bristol: We last corresponded in 2004 when you asked about John Walker Tovey. If you see this notice, please get in touch as a family member would love to hear from you.


24th September 2021

Graeme Frost

I’d like to know if anyone knows the full name or any details about Harry Tovey who was the manager of the English Speedway team in Australia in 1950.


21st June 2021

Susie Gear

I am trying to find out more information about an R. Tovey of Eastleach. His name is inscribed on the stone and beams of a barn and farmhouse north of Eastleach with the date 1791. Would anyone know if he was a builder or farmer there?


8th June 2020

Sara McCourt

I am looking for the parents of my Great Grandmother Beatrice Ada Tovey. She was born in 1881 (or 22/9/1883) in Pontypool, Monmouthshire and died in 1966. She was married to Benjamin Stephen Evans in 1907. My grandfather was Kenneth Glyndwr Evans. Any help would be much appreciated as I am trying to complete our family tree.


30th December 2018

Hugh Waters

I am seeking information on the descendents of Renee Eleanor Tovey ? Paul Tovey and Marion Renee Tovey. My mother Inez Mary Lloyd and her were school friends in Surrey England. I had correspondence with Renee before she died, and my last letter was addressed to her at Menorca, Baleares, Spain.


14th November 2018

Paul Maker

Does anyone have any information about the actor George Tovey? I am particularly looking for some details about his early life and career such as: what he did before becoming an actor, any war service, where he went to school, etc.
19th January 2023
We have received some more information about George. If you are still interested Paul, please get in touch again.


1st November 2018

Roger Clarke

I'm looking for information about Jill Margaret Tovey who lived in Street and was a student at St Peter's College, Birmingham, 1967-1970.


28th October 2018

Greta Morton

I am seeking information on the descendants of John Henry Tovey, postman, b. 1835 in the UK, lived in Christchurch New Zealand until his death in 1901. Married to Mary Ann Tovey. I cannot find any trace of his son who was my great-grandfather, Thomas Henry Tovey's birth, estimated around 1865. Thomas married in Melbourne circa 1903.


26th August 2018

Malc Bridge

I am looking for an Arthur Tovey who may have known a Laura Butler who lived in Bedminster, she had a daughter called Margaret. Can anyone help? ( born around 1932 ).


5th December 2017

Rachel Swinglehurst

I am looking for any info about my 7th Great-grandmother Sarah or Susanna Tovey born c. 1688 in Chepping Wiccombe, Bucks. Married Joseph Sutton Oct 1709 in High Wycombe and died 1760 in Hedgerley, Bucks.


20th August 2017

Roger Sweet

Does anyone have any information regarding Reg Tovey who was Chief Executive for British Steel in Port Talbot in the 1960s?


12th May 2017

John Coombs Shapcott

Does anyone have any information about my grandmother Mahala Louis Tovey who married my grandfather Frank Coombs Shapcott?


1st May 2017

Robert Keizer

I have bought a very nice little painting entitled "Master John Tovey, H. T. Gillett, 1841". Does anyone know anything about this boy or the painter?


30th May 2016

Helen Painter (née Tovey)

My grandfather Charles Tovey was born in Sydney, Australia in 1883. He had two slightly older brothers: George William (b. 1880) and James John (b. 1881), both born in Sydney. Their father was George Tovey (b. 1849 in England) who emigrated to Australia and died there, tragically, in 1884.

George William had 3 children: George (b. 1902); Edward (b. 1904) and Mabel (b. 1906), all born in Waterloo, Sydney.

James John had 5 children: James (b. 1908); Leslie (b. 1910); Percy (b. 1911); Andrew (b. 1913) and Ella (b. 1915). I think that all were born in Coolgardie, Western Australia.

I have a bit more information on them, but not much. I would love to hear from anyone who might be related or has further information.


2nd January 2016

Denise King

I am seeking information on a John Tovey who served in Corfu in the Ionian Islands. His daughter Elizabeth Mary Tovey was born at the Corfu Garrison in 1856. Her birth certificate lists John and Elizabeth Tovey as parents and says John is a private in the 3rd Royal Middlesex Militia. I have not been able to find any other record of John. I am looking for his birth and death dates, marriage details and military record.
22nd December 2016

Denise King

I can now confirm that John Tovey enlisted in the 3rd Middlesex at the age of 18 in 1852, which puts his birth date at 1834. He was described as a florist living in Battersea. It appears he married Elizabeth Burridge on April 25th 1853 at which time he was reported as living in Clapham.
15th December 2015

Glynn Tucker

I am looking for any information on Henry Tovey (aged 37), George Tovey (aged 28) and John Tovey (aged 26), all steel workers from Bristol lodging at 48 Machine Meadow, Pontnewynydd, Monmouthshire during the 1911 census. Also Ada Tovey (aged 18) who was visiting.
10th September 2015

Carole Tovey

I'm married to George Frederick Tovey, whose father's name was Thomas George Tovey. He was on the MTB boats in WW2 (based in Malta) but apart from that we know not a lot more. Any information would be fascinating.
9th May 2015

Byrnette Brown

I am researching my Tovey family history and have information going back to 1744 when a William Tovey married Elizabeth Twamley of Wednesbury in Warwickshire. William's grandfather Richard Tovey served in the Army of Charles 1 and fought against Cromwell. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is connected with this Tovey branch.
20th March 2015

James Tovey

I'm looking for the date/place of marriage of William E. Tovey (born c. 1872, Gloucestershire) and Annie M. (born c. 1878, Blakeney, Gloucestershire). The marriage was most probably in 1894 or 1895.

Update: It seems that Tovey was not William's birth name - he moved to South Wales and changed his name to Tovey.

5th January 2013

David Tovey

Does anyone have any information on Wilfred Clarence Tovey born 1909 in Birmingham please?
7th November 2012

Mrs M Wakefield

I am trying to trace my Great Grandfather Harry Tovey. His wife was Ellen Tovey and she had a son who she called Harry, born in Birmingham workhouse in 1883. According to Ellen she was married to Harry Tovey, but in May 1893 she married Charles Morley at St Georges Church Birmingham, and on the marriage certificate she calls herself a widow at this time.
11th August 2012

Blake Tovey

I have a mother who is Michelle Tovey, and an Uncle named Timothy Tovey. My mother's father is Perry Tovey. We live in Orange County California (my grandfather is in Florida). I have an interest in getting back in touch with those of blood relation.
11th May 2012

Jan Bush

I am trying to trace the children of Ivy Tovey born in Wandsworth, London in 1915 (married name Buckland), and in particular Robert NK Buckland who was born in Cirencester in 1937. I know he had a sister called Valerie, born in 1939 in Cirencester, and a brother Stuart born in 1944 in Cirencester. She spent her latter years in Laycock in Wiltshire.
7th March 2012

Michelle Hester (USA)

I have the complete works of Doreen Tovey, mostly all first editions, also a magazine from the UK featuring Mrs. Tovey, and a letter she sent after I had written to her. I have the books starting with Life With Grandma, Roses Round the Door, right through to Waiting in the Wings. The complete collection is for sale if anyone is interested.
10th January 2012

Dr. Donald M. Levine

I am trying to locate Peter Tovey, age: mid-sixties, formerly of South Hadley, MA and Cambridge, MA, was trained as a philosopher and taught at Brown University. He did doctoral work at MIT. Both his parents are deceased, George and Barbara Tovey, both philosophers at Mt. Holyoke College and The University of MA. I am an old friend and have been trying to locate Peter for some time.
24th May 2015

Susan Weinreich

I also am an old friend of his. I was a RISD student back in the seventies and knew Peter from his time at Brown. I am writing because I was wondering if you have any current info about Peter.
29th August 2015

Doug Myers

I am also an old friend of Peter's and have been looking for him for a long time. His mother's 2002 obituary indicates that Peter survived her and was a resident of Boston. I would appreciate any assistance that anyone might offer.
1st December 2017

Kathleen Monroe

I am also looking for this Peter Tovey. I am looking for him to see if he has any recollection of a camp his grandfather operated on Harvey's Lake in Vermont.
14th December 2021

Doug Myers 

Based on an Internet search, it appears that Peter Tovey died in 2014 at age 70, a resident of Boston. Corroboration for this appears in a search entry mentioning George Tovey as a relative of Peter Tovey, South Hadley, MA as a former address, and 1944 as Peter’s birth year. I much regret that my search for Peter concluded with these results.
8th January 2012

Marcia Jones-Shantz

I am trying to find out my grandfather's relationship to Winnifred (née Jones) and James Tovey, who left Newport, Wales and came to Canada in 1904 and brought with them my grandfather, Leslie Gordon Jones.
28th December 2011

Carolyn Tovey

My father's family resides in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and is a very large family. Growing up in Chicago we were never really close to his family so I do not know much about them. Being that the last name Tovey is so rare in Chicago, I am curious to learn as much as I can about my family's origins.
28th December 2011

Colin Watkins

I am trying research a photograph (here), and would like to know where and when it was taken. The bus driver is my Great Grandfather. I believe that it is somewhere in the area west of Croydon in Surrey (the bus route is West Croydon, Sutton, Waddon, Carshalton). Another clue is a shop belonging to a W. Tovey (possibly a fishmonger). Does anyone know of a Tovey who owned a shop in that area?
Thanks to all who responded and confirmed that the picture was taken on Benhill Street, in Sutton
11th August 2011

Dick Whyte

I am trying to contact an old classmate of mine by the name of Peter Tovey, whose family lived for a while in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the 1970s, before returning to the UK. Peter had a younger brother, whose name I believe may be Steve, and who may have lived in Bristol after the family returned to England.
8th May 2011

Janet Tovey

I am trying to research my Tovey family history and I have Charles Alfred Tovey who married Mary Ann Mathias 30th June 1908 in Abertillery, Monmouthshire. His deceased father was Isaac James Tovey, an Undertaker. I would welcome contact with anyone who might be able to help.
27th April 2011

Jeff Tobey

I am a Tovi, and am trying to trace my lineage as far back as I can. I have back until the mid 1800s with the Tovi family. We are Sephardic, and mainly came from Turkey. My grandfather changed our name at Ellis Island from Tovi to Tobey to be more American.
27th April 2011

Janice Beurling

Looking for information on my g-g-grandmother, Kate Tovey Caple. It seems she was born in Oswego, New York about 1848 and died in Syracuse, New York in 1886. I suspect her father was Abraham Tovey, born in Ireland about 1808.


3rd April 2011

Nick Howells

I am looking for information on the parents of Thomas Tovey (1765 to 1805), Inglesham, Wilshire. Married a Mary? (1769 to 1848). Their children were John (1790 to 1876), William (1799 to 1801), Edward b. 1796 and Annie b. 1805.

16th May 2020: Nick - we may have some information for you if you'd like to get in touch.

20th March 2011

Gina Lyon

I am looking for anyone related to Walter Tovey born Cheltenham, Glos., 1836 father of Rosina Ann. He was a photographer and known under the name of Toveni. His daughter Rosina Ann Toveni had 3 sisters and married John Thomas Powell living in Stroud, Glos.
16th February 2011

Simon Tovey

Is anyone related to Henry Tovey of Cirencester who was a boiler-maker / ironmonger trading under the name 'H. Tovey & sons'. I would love to trace this line back further and find any distant cousins!
21st January 2011

Tony Wakeford

I am trying to trace a link between the Jeffcutt family and the Tovey family. I have identified a Maria Anne Tovey living in Thorne, Doncaster, UK in 1979. She registered the death of her grandmother Margaret Mary Jeffcutt. The Jeffcutt family originated from Portsmouth. Can anyone make a connection for me?
19th January 2011


I am looking for (or any relatives of) my birth Mother, Barbara Mary Tovey. In 1958, she was living at 343, Gooding Ave, Leicester and was a policewoman in the Leicestershire Police force. It would be nice to meet any of our family.

4th November 2019: Nicola - we may have some information for you if you'd like to get in touch.

5th October 2010

Stuart Gallaway

Frederick Thomas Tovey enlisted 4th April 1904 in the 16th (The Queen's) Lancers. Entered France and Flanders operations 17th August 1914 and was wounded sometime after that. He was medically discharged 15th June 1915. We think he might have been a Londoner. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
3rd October 2010

George Dyer

Does anyone know what happened to John Tovey, the chef who used to own "The Miller Howe"?
16th September 2010

Gary Watson

Looking for information on - and descendants of - the Tovey family who lived in Church Lench, Worcs, in the 1700s and 1800s. Family spread to White Ladies Aston, Bishampton, Fladbury, Pershore and beyond.


12th August 2010

Natasha Kennett

I am trying to research my family tree and have come across a problem: Mary Ann Kennett (b. 1839) was a Tovey by 1861 and had a son, Joseph Tovey. However, by 1871 both Mary Ann and Joseph were both named Kennett. They lived in Himbleton, Worcester. Can anyone help?


6th August 2010

Anne Kennedy

I'm still looking for a family connection with George Tovey (who married Elizabeth Kear. They had a son, Thomas, who was baptized in the parish of Llanover, Monmouth County in 1837. Possible parents of George are James Tovey and Sarah Ashford. Is there anyone who can help with this new lead?
21st July 2010

Christopher Tovey

I am trying to find any information about my father, Geoffrey John Tovey, who lived in the Habberley Valley area of Kidderminster. He served in the Royal Horse Artillery and first married Sylvia Haines from Birmingham. He later married Evelyn and had two more children.
16th May 2010

Henny Pearmain

If you have any connection at all to Charles Tovey, Bristol wine merchant, please contact me. I am trying to organise a 'Tovey' day.
3rd March 2010

Jack Nicholson

For a Lake Highlands High School 45th reunion I seek sisters Mary and Betty Tovey who lived in Dallas, Texas.
15th February 2010

Pat and Vernon Cook

Vernon's great, great, great Grandmother was Elizabeth TOVEY (baptised 25 Dec 1773 in Bristol). She was the daughter of William TOVEY (a 'presser' and burgess of the city) and Sarah RATTENBURY. They had nine children between 1773 and 1795. We would love to make contact with fellow Bristol researchers.
12th February 2018

Geoff Tovey

I believe I may be related to William Tovey but it is not yet confirmed. He would be my 4x Great Grandfather. The dates seem to differ but I would be grateful if someone could get back to me to see where I have gone wrong.
5th February 2010

Brigid Phelan

I am related to Margaret Elizabeth Tovey, born September 18, 1924 (Perth, Ontario). Her parents were Thomas John Tovey and Irene Mary Jane Close of Wilson Avenue East, Perth, Ontario. Margaret Elizabeth married Donald Wilson Tomlinson on May 19, 1945 (Wildfield, Ontario), and they had 4 children. If anyone has information on Margaret Elizabeth Tovey Tomlinson, I would appreciate their assistance.
20th February 2015

Mary Beth DeMatteo

I do not know if there are any connections here but my grandmother, Elizabeth Irene Tovey, born in 1882 was from Perth Ontario. She married my grandfather Edward John Ryan and died in Fort Frances, Ontario in 1937. I have not been able to get any information on her family but am wondering if we have a connection here?
14th June 2009

Elizabeth Benjamin

I am researching the family name of Parks, which stems back to Lt. Alexander Tovey b. 23 Apr 1789, d. 3 Oct 1865. Alexander Tovey possibly had a child with Maria Parks (in Portsea), named Alexander Hamilton Tovey Parks. If anyone has more information, I would be absolutely thrilled.
22nd May 2009

Maria Tovey

I am doing my family tree, can any one help? HARRY JAMES TOVEY b. 1907 Lambeth, m. ANNIE VICTORIA MAJOR b. 1914 Southampton. HARRY TOM TOVEY (London firefighter) b. 1868 Bristol, m. JONE KNOWLES (b 1884?) ROBERT GRAY TOVEY b. 1833 Bristol, m. EMMA WRIGHT.
23rd January 2009

John McNab

I have my Toveys in mid-1850's London (south of the river, in and around Camberwell). Before that Bath and before that Bristol. They were bone comb makers. The earliest (definite) is a William in Bath in the 1830's but was possibly born in Bristol. Any help or connections appreciated.
24th October 2008

Maurice Catt

I am researching the family tree for my Daughter-in-law, Stella Jane Catt née TOVEY. Her father was born in Wandsworth, though most of her family were from Bedminster (and were chair-makers and carpenters). I have traced the family to John c1720.
5th October 2008

Helen Caroline Tovey Metts

I am the daughter of the late Henry Charlton Tovey of Charleston, SC. I would love to know more about the Tovey lineage. Thanks!
5th October 2008

Daisy Heidmiller

My son and daughter (Larry and Amy) are both Toveys. Their father is Larry Gene Tovey, who's father was Morgan Tovey of Idaho who moved to California. We have an extensive background on the Toveys from their family, back to Wales for a few generations. I would be happy to share that with anyone who is interested.
29th September 2008

Emma Coleman (née Tovey)

I am researching my paternal tree through Robert William Tovey, Baker/Grocer in Charlton Kings (b. 1859 Eastleach Turville) to John Tovey (b. circa 1774 in the same village). Can anyone help please?
25th August 2008

Maureen Barton-White

I am looking for others who share my Tovey ancestry, namely:


   GEORGE b. Fulham Middx c.1791 m. Elizabeth.

     -  GEORGE b. c.1826 (m. SARAH RUSSELL)

     -  JAMES b. c.1828 and FREDERICK b. c.1839

     -  JOHN PETER b. 1822 (m. FANNY WELLS)

          - ELIZABETH b. c.1849

          - JOHN WILLIAM b. 1847 (m. HANNAH MISKIN)

              - JOHN c.1870 and ALICE c.1871

              - ELIZABETH ELLEN b. 5.2.1877 (m. Henry Alfred Barton)

              - WILLIAM TOVEY c.1880 and ALFRED b. 18.5.1890

Does anyone belong to my Toveys?

25th August 2008

Steven Wallace

My great-great grandmother was Ann/Anne Elizabeth/Elisabeth (Tovey) Albin (b: abt 1846 in PA or MD), wife of Samuel Elias Albin (b: 1835 in Elkhart, IN). They died in Dallas County, IA, early 1900s. Trying to locate Elizabeth's parents. Any help greatly appreciated!
31st July 2008

Karen Kraft Sloan

I am looking for information on James Clifford Tovey born on March 12, 1907 in Toronto, York County, Ontario. His parents (James Stanley Tovey and Winifred Mary Jones) were married on Dec. 22, 1904 at Christchurch, Monmouthshire.
31st July 2008

Helen Painter (née Tovey)

My great-grandfather was George Tovey, born 1849, Bedminster, England. His parents were William (b. 1811) and Jane Turner (b. 1815).

My great-grandfather migrated to Australia in approx. 1880, but left behind four brothers and a sister - William (b. 1837), Frederick (b. 1840), Samuel (b. 1843), Charles (b. 1853), Jane (b. 1856). I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has any connections to this side of the family.

23rd July 2008

Karen Tovey

I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1949. My father was Thomas Earl Tovey and mother was Mona Lee Haid; my father's parents were Earl T. Tovey and Margaret Prescott. I would love to hear from other Toveys around the World and see if there is any connection.
16th June 2008

Phil Tovey

I wonder if anyone knew Hayden (known as Roy) Tovey who lived in Kilburn with his wife Ann and son Steven around 1980-84. Roy was originally from Crumlin.

20th January 2021. Would the person who contacted us today please resend their message? Thanks.

13th June 2008

Taylor Tuvey-Cowan

I'd love to hear from anyone who knows the Tuvey family. My grandfather, Edward Kitchener Tuvey, came from a very large family (I believe from Manchester, England). My father is Michael Edward (New Jersey, USA) and his brother is Richard (Australia).
1st April 2008

Susan Forbes

My Dad is searching for his wartime friend - Colin Brooke Tovey who was born around 1916/1918 and whose nickname was "Tosca". They were Desert Rats during the War and were very close friends. He lived in Forest Hill, London at the time of the Second World War but he may have moved to Yorkshire where his wife came from. I would be grateful if anyone could help.
19th March 2008

Paul Keenor

Looking for information on the Tovey/Elvin/Rolls family link. Arthur Tovey married Alice Elvin circa 1920. Henry Thomed Elvin, Alice's father was born Adelaide, South Australia. His partner was Ann Rolls born Bedminster 1867.
3rd January 2008

David Tovey

My father was Joseph Tovey from Pontypridd, South Wales. He moved to Dudley in the Midlands during the 1940's. I would be interested to hear from any family connection.
27th December 2007

Jonathan Tovey

My family came from Bedminster and Bishopsworth in Bristol. I am related to Percy Tovey b. 1884? Bedminster (and my grandad was Ronald Tovey b. 1922). I think my great-great grandad was Joseph William Tovey b. 1854. If anyone is related - or has some info - it would be great to hear from them.
13th December 2007

Donna Archer

My grandfather was Thomas George Tovey (always known as George, I think because his father was also Thomas). He lived in Rush Green in Romford and worked for many years at May and Baker pesticide plant in Dagenham. I'd love to know more about him if anyone can help.
7th December 2007

Christina Middleton

I would love to find anyone who knew my Mother and Father - Ivan Edgar Tovey & Shelia Muriel Tovey (met in Bournemouth in about 1940), or my Great Grandfather Rex Tovey.
25th November 2007

Barry Smith

I am trying to trace Paul Tovey who served on board HMS Cardiff during the Falklands Campaign in 1982. If you are there Paul we have managed to trace everyone except you, Chris Brown and Mick Kent.
18th October 2007

Lorraine Rainy

I am looking for information on a Mary Tovey who married my Gt.Gt.Gt. Grandfather William Clayton on 12.11.1788 at Wick Chapel by Banns - witnesses Robert Badger and William Hann. I understand there is more than one place called Wick and this seems to be in the Worcestershire area. Thank-you.
14th October 2007

Ben Tovey

Does anyone have any information on Augustas Herbert Tovey? He was born on the 25th of September, 1909. He lived in Elswick rd in Lewisham and had some connection with Theale in Berkshire. Thanks.
14th October 2007

Anita Muchall

I am trying to find the burial place of my grandmother, Emily Matilda Harget (née Tovey) who was born in July 1878 in Barton Regis. She was the daughter of George Tovey and Elizabeth Milton. Emily married John Thomas Harget in 1904 in Bristol and they moved to Aberystwyth before 1916. She died in January 1919, but we are unable to find any record of her grave. She was not buried in Aberystwyth, and may have been taken back to Bristol to be buried in a family grave. I anyone has any information, we would be very very grateful.
14th October 2007

Andrea Mullin (née Tovey)

I have traced my line back to Samuel Tovey, Gloucester c. 1742 where the family remained for the next three generations. In 1857 they appear in Stratford upon Avon, Wootton Wawen and Leamington, then to Birmingham at the turn of the century. My great-grandfather, Frederick Tovey, was the chauffeur to Lord and Lady Docker, who owned the BSA factory in Birmingham. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about this part of the Tovey family.
14th October 2007

Didier Vanoverbeek

Can anyone tell me which Tovey (member of Coventry Road Club) was a member of the 1955 British cyclo-cross team for the World Championship? Thank you.
6th September 2007

Cathy Davies

My mother was Violet Edna May Tovey, born in Newport, Monmouthshire in 1915. Her father was Dan Tovey who died around 1958, and she had two brothers Dan and Clifford (who died in WW2). Does anyone have any information about this Tovey line?
1st September 2007

Carl Tovey

Does anyone have any knowledge of the surname Tovey Vippond? My great-great-grandfather was a David Tovey Vippond Worcester/Warwickshire. David Tovey Vippond married Mary Ann Withers in 1835 in Claines, Worcester.
17th August 2007

Roy Smith

I am looking for descendants of Clara Tovey, born c1860, Beaufort, Brecknock, Wales to Aaron Tovey, baptist minister, born Westerleigh, Gloucester and his wife Ann. Clara Tovey was a school mistress and I believe she married David Williams Jones, mining engineer, born Carmarthshire. They had a son John R, born abt 1898, Cardiff, Glamorgan
21st June 2007

Roy Edmundson

Does anyone have any information about Mr Tovey who was Head of Physics at Vyner's School, Ickenham, London in the early 1960s?
15th April 2007

Art Brown

I am looking for my 2nd great grandmother's ancestors: Jane Eales Tovey married Edwin Frape Davis in England, and their daughter, Jane Agusta Davis was born July 24, 1848 in England, died Feb. 11, 1922 in Stockton, CA, USA.
15th April 2007

Greg Hickman

I would be pleased to know if you or any of your other correspondents are connected to the Birmingham family of Christine Cross née Tovey. Any information about David Tovey born Worcester 1811/12 would be gratefully received.
17th February 2007

Michael Trott

Does anyone have any information about a Charles Tovey, who lived as a young man (mid- to late 20s) in Bristol around 1972/73, was employed with a gunsmiths and, at one time, was associated with Bristol Young Conservatives?
25th April 2007

Michael Trott

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and your Tovey family website, a 33-year-old mystery for me has been solved.

Long live the Toveys!

7th February 2007

Jenny Willmott

Does anyone know anything about the Tovey family in the Isle of Wight? Richard Tovey born in 1659 in Kingston, IOW, married Martha Mew in 1684. They had two daughters that I know about - Martha born in 1688 and Elizabeth born in 1689.
27th January 2007

Rebecca Lloyd

I'm trying to trace an ancestor of mine — Charles Tovey — who served at the Indian mutiny and died shortly after.
16th January 2007

Jan Prior (née Tovey)

I am looking for information about (or anyone with connections to) Robert William Tovey (Jeweller), who married Elizabeth Morris on 15/2/1846 at St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.

I am also looking for anyone with knowledge of Maurice Tovey born 1857, London who married Alice Annie Allen (born 1862) in 1883 at Kensington.

3rd March 2015

Andrea de Vries

I come from the line of Toveys you mention. I live in Queensland, Australia. I am looking for information regarding my grandfather Arthur Tovey.
28th December 2006

Karen Kraft Sloan

I'm looking for information about my mother's father, James Tovey. The only information that we have on James Tovey is that in 1932 he was a paint salesman and he may have lived in Toronto.
15th October 2006

Lisa Tovey

I'm looking for information or anyone with connections to a Walter Hamilton Tovey from New Zealand. He came to the US with his brother in what we believe to be the late 1800s. He may have lived in the Oregon area.

If anyone has information or relation to twin brothers (one's name is Wayne Frederick Tovey from Michigan), who fought in WW2 together in the Navy and Coast Guard, your information would be greatly appreciated.

25th September 2006

Sara Tovey

I am looking for any descendents or anyone who knows anything about Emma, Isaac or Frank Tovey born in Maidstone in 1870, 1874 and 1876 respectively. They, along with my grandfather Louis, were all children of Mark and Harriett Tovey, who in 1881 were living at 55 Kingsley Road, Maidstone. There was another sister Ann who died in 1902, but it seems she never married. By 1901 Frank was living in Gillingham and working as a carpenter.
18th September 2006

Bill Reeves

Helen Tovey - Botany Bay, Dar es Salaam and Moscow - you were right. Bill.
18th August 2008: After many years, Bill and Helen are now in touch with each other again.
9th September 2006

Louise Rutter

I'd love to get in touch with Rachel Tovey. We studied Art and Literature together at York University and it would be great to get back in touch.
18th November 2006

Rachel Tovey

I am she!

Rachel's e-mail address has been passed on to Louise.

27th January 2007

Rebecca Lloyd

I'd like to get in touch with Rachel, who I studied with at York University.

Rachel - please let us know your new e-mail address.

14th August 2006

Sarah Eley

I am looking for info on Caroline Tovey (aged 25) who lived at 10 Providence Place, Kentish Town, Middlesex at the time of the 1841 census. The main occupants of the property were the widow Mary Ann Fisk and her daughters, and Sarah Garland (of independent means).
12th August 2006

Marlene Davis

I have been trying to trace Joseph Tovey. He was born 1859 Frampton Cotterell. He married Susannah Curtis and I know that they moved to Beetham, Westmoreland and they had a daughter, Martha, born 1881.
25th July 2006

Susan Bates

Is anyone researching the Tovey families who were in Leicestershire in the 1880s and onwards? My cousins and I are researching our Tovey family who came to Leicestershire in 1871.
5th June 2006

Jillian Marsh

I was born in Reading, Berks to John Tovey (b. 1922) and Elizabeth Francis. I'd love to know how we fitted into the Tovey family tree ... any suggestions?
19th April 2006

Jennifer Harking

I'm looking for some help tracing my family tree. My Mother is a Tovey and her family are from Cardiff. I have reached my Great Great Grandfather who is Arthur John Tovey who was born in 1896/7.
3rd March 2006

Pat Heron

I'm looking for a connection to a Mr Derek Tovey, who in 1953 was living at The Gables, Clevedon Rd, Newport, Monmouthshire. He was related to a suffragette whose life I am researching. I should be most grateful for any contact from him or his family.
26th June 2006

Catherine Morgan

Derek was a cousin of ours.

Additional information has been passed on to Pat.

12th February 2006

Lynda Webster

My mother was part of a small group of Wrens in service at Admiralty House during the Second World War, working solely for Admiral and Lady Tovey. I would love to know more about her life at Chatham. Can anyone help?
14th January 2006

Maurice Tovey

I would welcome any information about my branch of the Tovey family. My father was Eric William Maurice Tovey, born 1920 in Bristol, with a brother Rene Carl Dan, born about 1913 in Canada. Their father was William Matthews Tovey, born about 1882, probably in Bristol and an only child. His father was Daniel Tovey, who I believe owned or managed a glue works somewhere between Bristol and Clevedon.
24th December 2005

Henny Pearmain (née Tovey)

I am slowly developing a website of my Bristol-based Tovey ascendants and would love to hear from anyone who might be related.
1st February 2006

Ian Tovey

Just north of Bristol in Frampton Cottrell churchyard there are dozens of Toveys and the name is very frequent in the locale. There are many Tovey entries in census returns for this N Bristol area in Victorian times; many of them are Coal industry workers.
22nd November 2005

Philip Wray

My family are descended from George Tovey (an Iron miner b. 1787, Westerleigh, Gloucestershire) and Sarah Tovey. They were living at Llanfoist, Monmouthshire in 1841.

Does anyone have any information about this line of Toveys?

1st February 2006

Ian Tovey

Try census returns for mid-1800s for this area. They have quite a few Toveys including one poor soul in Abergavenny County Asylum.
25th October 2005

Marilyn Tovey

My name is Marilyn Barbara Tovey, currently living in Middlesbrough. My father was Alan James Tovey who was born in Maidstone, Kent. I know I have various cousins around the country but would like to know of anyone who has Kent connections.
10th October 2005

Sue & James Everett

We would love to hear from our old friends Dave & Lorna Tovey, who we believe are now living in Zante running an olive grove and a B & B. We used to live on the same estate: Glantraeth in Valley, Anglesey. Anyone with information please let us know.
5th October 2005

Allan Hare

Greetings from Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

I am trying to obtain any information about the siblings and ancestors of Lily Mary Tovee (born after 1901) who married George Charles Hicks. I think her father was Joseph Tovee born in Bethnal Green, who married Mary Brown in 1858. Thanks for any help.

23rd September 2006

Martin Rossiter

I think I may have a match to your Tovees. My Joseph b. 1866 Bethnal Green m. Elizabeth Mary Brown 16 Dec 1883.
17th September 2005

Anne Kennedy

I have been searching for a GEORGE Tovey married to Elizabeth Kear Tovey (she was daughter of Mathew Kear and Anne Marshall Kear (FOD)).

Their son, Thomas, was baptized 25, May, 1836 by Rev. Wm. Jewett-Wesleyan Abergavenny. I wish someone could/would supply the location and parents of George Tovey.

P.S. The Tovey family I am speaking of came to Minersville, Pennsylvania.

Thank you and God bless - Anne

16th September 2005


I met my friend Julia Tovey in 1993 while working in Cambridge England at Addenbrookes Hospital. She visited us in the states several times, but I lost contact with her in 2000. Her family was from Wales and I recall she had 2 brothers, Mark and Carl. Thank you for any help!
24th August 2005


I am descended from Louisa Ann Tovey, born Feb. 9th 1826 at Bermondsey or Rotherhithe, Surrey. In 1846 she was baptised as an adult at St. Leonard's Shoreditch. Brother Samuel William. Her parents were William and Elizabeth Tovey. He was a blacksmith.

Known addresses:

1824: West Lane. Rotherhithe, Surrey - Samuel's baptism.

1846: Worship St. Shoreditch, Middlesex  - Louisa's baptism.

She married Edward May on Oct 4th 1846 at St. Botolph's, Aldgate. I would be very interested to hear if anyone else has any information about this line of Toveys.

22nd December 2005

Dennis Tovey

I have been researching Charles Tovey (son of William and  Elizabeth Tovey) baptised May 28th 1828, born Starch Green, London. Maureen's info is the closest match by far.


20th January 2006

Mandi Nice

I am descended from Elizabeth Jane Tovey (Louisa Ann Tovey's sister). Maybe we could share our info?

Take care, and best wishes!

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